About Us

Scott Miles has spent the last 27 years involved with retrievers, family and HRC/AKC.  His love for dogs began in high school where he worked for one of the most prominent field trial pointing dog trainers on the west coast.  Scott was fortunate enough to purchase an English pointer puppy and raise, train, compete and ultimately win 2 opens and place in serveral trials before graduating high school.  The purchase of his first retriever would come years later after college and military service.  Fast forward to today and it is all about family, lots of labs, participating in HRC/AKC hunt tests and limited Field Trials, and judging.  


We have three different locations in Texas each chosen to provide excellent training  opportunities for a retriever.  
Our North Texas location is located in Ravenna and sits on 20 acres with 15  acres of tech water.  
Our central Texas location is located close to Corsicana sitting on 30 acres of a combination land/water complex with lots of terrain changes.
Our west Texas location is in Midland and is our current primary location.  The  desert landscape provides a dry climate and lots of open country.  In addition, the  use of all the natural desert grasses, mesquite trees and vegetation provides a great backdrop for teaching upland hunting.  We have access to literally thousands of acres in 7 surrounding counties and enjoy amazing dove,quail and Sandhill Crane hunting.  Just a quick hour drive up the road puts us in some truly awesome goose and duck hunting. 

Services & Rates

Gun Dog Training:  A 6 month program for the hunter

Includes basic obedience, collar 
conditioning, 4 wheelers, 
MOmarsh blinds,  and multiple 
gunners shooting live flyers of

ducks in decoys with layout blinds.  

Hunt Test Training:  We compete in both AKC/UKC 

This program mirrors  many aspects of gun dog training but involves much more conceptual approaches specific to a hunt test.  It requires a much longer training regimen and financial commitment.  Give us a call for more information.

$700 per month birds included. 

**We do not charge a hunt test handling fee for weekend tests.  Client provides Heartworm medication.**

Philosophy & Training

We limit client dogs to 6 and require a minimum of 8 months of uninterrupted training.  All dogs stay in our home having free run as part of the family and are only crated at night.  We do not take any dogs over 6 months of age and prefer to receive dogs at 4 months.  We feel that 4 months gives us the best opportunity to introduce the dog to our system which is: Teaching, Shaping, Chaining and Socialization (TSCS).  These four concepts provide a way to ensure mental stability and progression.  By “teaching” a command/concept in small steps….shaping it to the finished result….and then “chaining” it to the next step….the dog gets a true “balance” in all aspects.  This leaves no “holes” to have to fix down the road.  With puppies we use lots of treats and informal and impromptu sessions to begin learning and to facilitate the “socialization” of the puppy continuously.  We do use the e-collar as part of our teaching approach. 

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