Diamondback Retriever Kennel


Yes! All client dogs are taught to walk calmly on and off lead, stay in place in the home, sit, here and heel. Because of the home environment where client dogs stay, we also teach the dog to avoid the undesirable habits of counter surfing, barking and rushing the door to greet guests, avoiding furniture and the dinner table.
We contact clients by phone once a week and send video via email or text twice a week. We highly encourage clients to come train and visit as often as possible.
We have a local veterinarian that visits monthly to check out all dogs, draw blood work as needed, and give preventative care. In the event of an emergency, all of our training locations have great and immediate care available.
We train 7 days a week typically.
Yes…everyday. We have ducks, pheasants, chukar, quail and pigeons. We raise all of our own birds.
We feed either Purina Pro Plan or Eukanuba.